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Long Time, No… wait, AGAIN?! — Dec2020 Kindle Promos!!

Okay, okay, I know; it’s been a loooooooooong time since last posting, and I have LOTS of reasons. But, some of them have to wait until the New Year to reveal. I promise, they’re legit, I swear! Just bear with me!

So, to catch y’all up, my last blog post [here] was on January 19th, and before my scheduled release of KINETIC HISTORY, Book Three in my KINETICS saga. Well, as an update, that did release on time: January 31st, 2020 — exactly 3 years after JV’s accident.

If you don’t know who JV is, or why she’s mentioned in most of my blog posts since 2017, here’s 3 posts that can give you a brief idea of what happened to her, and what she meant to me, and still means to me::

[Revelation Through Tragedy]
[PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!! For #secretproject details!]
[FEED THE MACHINE: aka, The Concert That I Desperately Needed]


Since we are reaching the end of a Dumpster Fire 2020, and heading toward a (hopefully) better 2021, I’m doing some seasonal / holiday Amazon KDP Select promos on all 3 KINETICS Kindle books!!

> Starting 11/27/2020 (TODAY!!!) through 12/1/2020

KINETIC MEMORY (#2) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/15/2020 to 12/18/2020
> $1.99 from 12/18/2020 to 12/22/2020

KINETIC HISTORY (#3) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/23/2020 to 12/26/2020
> $1.99 from 12/26/2020 to 12/30/2020

So, here’s hoping for a BETTER 2021, for all of us!

But, as I said last year, and as they are known for saying often in my KINETICS universe, “Assume Nothing.

And “Keep Faith” as always, fellow Vikans!!

Chrissy out!

Guidance from a Newbie: Fiverr Freelancing

Howdy, Vikans!

*gasp* a Blog Post that’s NOT on a SUNDAY?!

Yeah, I’m stunned and excited at the same time.

Isn’t this December so much fun?



So, onto the subject of this blog post.

So I recently dove into the mysterious realm of Fiverr as a way to keep my creative brain agile and my logical brain focused for as long of periods as I can. My gigs are mainly creative/editing/brainstorming focused, because that’s the fun stuff, with 1 Gig geared toward IT/Excel. If you are a creative individual, continue on, as I list all my current Fiverr Gigs below. Since I’m starting out, I could use a good number of customers to both help me get noticed, as well as keep my ADHD under control and stop my life-long severe anxiety preoccupied enough to not torment me inside my mind constantly.

Problem is, now that Fiverr is so saturated, getting your first customers is mainly luck. You need to figure out what skills you have that people could need help with, then determine what to offer for each of the 3 package levels, strategize price points for them, decide how fast your turn around time would be for each level, figure out if you can offer additional add-ons, describe your Gig in a paragraph or two, form questions for your customer that encompasses everything you need to do the job (or at least get the order started), and then FINALLY let it loose to the public!

*sigh of relief*

Yeah, sounds complicated, right? Once you get the hang of it, though, it will be smooth sailing (mostly…) to add more services to your Seller Portfolio.

Now what you might be thinking is that at this point, you should be swimming with orders now, right? After all, you’ve put up a good number of options that you’re good at. But days go by, and most of the messages you receive are scammers from other countries (I gotta say, though, that Fiverr has their game up on spammers; they lock the messages for those people before I can even open the app to read it. Props to Fiverr on that front!).

You’ve got your Gigs set up, you look at the Analytics for your Gigs via the website and see plenty of impressions are being made, yet you still haven’t gotten many, if any, customers. And, if you have had someone reach out to you, it’s a 50/50 chance it will lead to an actual job order.


So, what might be the problem?

For me, it’s one of two reasons:
(1) The way you designed your Gig
(2) Luck.


(1) – Set-Up / Design

For (1), this is error on your end. Doesn’t mean you’ve messed up royally, it just means that your set-up wasn’t optimized enough to grab someone’s attention. Now, Issue (1) has a few sub points of interest::

(1a) — The thumbnail photo. This, along with your subject/title of the gig, are the first 2 things potential customers see when scrolling through the HUGE directory of all kinds of sellers you are now competing for attention with. I’d suggest 2 ways to go with the photo, and 1 way to NOT go with for a photo:

The DOs::
#1:: Content you’ve already created that is related (even slightly) to this particular Gig. The thumbnail should be the one best quality that is closest to what service your Gig is offering. Fiverr laso allows you to put a couple more files and/or pictures as a portfolio for each Gig when you build it. Starting out, you might not have much portfolio to upload. No worries; I’m in the same boat. So, option #2 could be better, if you are handy with Paint or Photoshop —

#2:: Create your own thumbnail. Get creative. Add quotes, a backdrop of some kind, the actual title and/or brief byline of your service directly into the picture. Just get creative and have fun with it! (Take note, though, that there is a pixel limit when it comes to size. Keep that in mind when designing. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!)

The Do NOTs::

— DO NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSE’S HARD WORK. This means fan art, covers or documentation you did not do yourself, etc, etc.

I myself have crappy thumbnails for my current Gigs, mainly stock designs and basic, non-copyrighted cover images, but they are just as temporary placeholders. The holidays wiped me out, so had to postpone updating my thumbnails. However, I plan of making better ones myself within the next week or two.


(1b) — When you design a Gig, the title needs to be condensed, but unique; meaning using the characters you’re allowed to both tell the potential buyer what service it is, while tailoring the words to catch their eye toward you in the first place. Don’t use big or complicated words, though. We’re talking primary/elementary school level here: simple, but unique.


(1c) — I hate to be the one to break this to y’all, but when your level 1 Gig Package costs $20 and you have 2 to no reviews or orders, you’re kidding yourselves. You need to get a reputation. You need eyes on your thumbnail enticing enough for them to click through (see points (1a) and (1b)). But, if they finally click through to your details, and see the cheapest option is decently high, and you hardly have any ratings or reviews, they’ll very swiftly move on to another candidate. I know some of you are saying, “My quality and experience is worth more than that $20 Gig anyway, so they are getting a good deal from an expert!”

Guess what? THEY DON’T KNOW THAT. At least not yet.

Fiverr’s customers look for decent details, packages that suit what they need, AND the cheapest option for the quality they want. That means that YOUR discount, which you see as fair… Chop it down even more. Dangerously low. If it’s a Gig you can perform with a quick turnaround time, then start the initial level package at 5$, and add additional Gig features for extra options for customers to choose from, should they desire. When you start on Fiverr, your goal shouldn’t be to roll around in your earnings like Scrooge McDuck! You need to get eyes on your Gigs. You need to accept and deliver orders. You need to reel in reviews.


Until you get a good amount of orders, ratings, and reviews, then you will have proved your professional ability, and then, ONLY THEN, you could raise your prices. But, be sure to raise them to a reasonable level. You might have 200 reviews for your editing capabilities or quick turnarounds for verbal transcriptions or get 20 orders in a given month, but rarely will you find someone on Fiverr who will purchase your Level 3 package at $500, or even a Level 1 package higher than $50. So, as a tip, flick away that little ego demon on your shoulder telling you to gyp customers, and, starting out, Level 1 should be at the base $5, until you feel like you can rope them in for a higher price.


(2) – LUCK

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to pray, or wish, or summon a genie or demon of some kind and make a deal to get your first customers, and just wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Yep, you guessed it: a Waiting Game. Lots of freelancers can relate, am I right?

That’s how I got my first customer. I just kept tweaking parts of my Gig details: everything from prices, additional extras, descriptions – In hopes of roping in my first customer. When I did, I put my initial turnaround would take 6 days, knowing I could accomplish this order sooner than that.

My turn around was only 2 days, and my buyer gave a decent tip as well, along with a comment that they would definitely want me to help them in the near future.


So, that’s a “small”, “basic” explanation on tackling Fiverr yourself, if you want to give it a go.

Which leads into shameless self promotion…

I am on Fiverr myself (if you couldn’t figure that out already o.o ), and looking to build my portfolio and help out anyone who could use my help in their creative endeavors. If you want to browse my Fiverr offerings, go to the “FIVERR” tab above, or click [here].

My Fiverr Seller Username is @angelslite

Here’s a brief list of what I currently offer (as of 12/26/2019)::

Creative Outlets
(1) – “Beta read your fantasy or scifi or ya fiction
(2) – “Brainstorm and suggest ideas for any creative medium
(3) – “Create book layout for ebook, kindle, AMZ, print interior
(4) – “Write short fiction story based around a single phrase
(5) – “Create promotional materials for your book, business, or event
(6) – “Craft fiction character profiles with information you supply

Analytical/Organization-related Outlets
(1) – “Create excel spreadsheet for your collection based on photos


Hope this post helps some of you aspiring freelancers like me. I also hope some of you all might want to order my Gig services, because just like the newbie to Fiverr I described in this post, I’m starting out, and some of you readers could be a few of the customers I get from PURE LUCK.


For those of you considering going this route, it’s a wild ride, believe me.

I think one of my usual sign off lines perfectly relates to this post….

“Assume Nothing.”

Until the weekend, guys. Big news this weekend. Stay tuned.

– Chrissy

New Year’s 2018 – Looking to the Year ahead

Hey there, Vikans!

So, we’re about a day or so away from the end of 2017. Looking back at the events the rest of the world dealt with, from losing friends over politics, shootings, some people scared to even cross the street. We lost pop culture icons, some very tragically. So, in the public eye, 2017, in general, sucked.

I look back on my 2017, my personal 2017, and, on the surface and at first, seemed just as sucky and tragic. My regular day job is going through major changes that might have me out of work some time this year. My books, stories, and Patreon supporters had drastically, exponentially less impact on the reading community than I had hoped for. And, biggest hit of all, I lost JV on January 31st. There’s rarely been a day since she passed that I haven’t cried or at least gotten choked up. She was my coauthor, my co-conspirator, my Youtube vlogging partner, my best friend, and, post-mortem, my biggest source of inspiration.

Which leads into the next, and more important, part of this post. I have very strong GAD and depression, which means trying to find things to be happy about is very VERY difficult. However, at the end of every year, I organize my thoughts, reflecting on the year as a whole, both good things and bad. Here’s a bit of happy things I am grateful for:

  • Went to Smoky retreat again. It was only 3 weeks after JV’s passing, so I was in a dark spot. My fellow Somkies supported me lie I’ve rarely had before, and I cranked out 30+k on my first KINETICS novel.
  • I finished my Smoky project within a month (End of Feb to end of March), and sent it out for professional editing a week or two later.
  • I got to kick two bands off my bucket lists of concerts I wanted to see live before I die. AND got to take my sister. Sister bonding time rocks. 🙂
  • I wrote three short stories that became my CHAOS ACCOUNTS serial saga. Fourth one, “Account of Secrets” is due at the stroke of New Year 2018.
  • I wrote and completed both KINETICS #1 and #2, titled “Kinetic Rebirth” and “Kinetic Memory” respectively. First one went live in September/October 2017, and the second coming late Winter 2018
  • I started two new novel projects. One was KINETICS #3, title TDB. Second is the first in my CASTERS series, which essentially is recycling characters from my first series I wrote in high school and creating a story so drastically different than their original one.
  • I rebranded my short stories, that now all have bad-ass covers. 🙂
  • I linked all my series into a connected, interlocking universe (KNU), where each one relates to another, so my readers can find Easter eggs and connections and freak out as much as I was when making those very links.

And that’s just the major stuff. This year was my most productive writing year since I started my writing journey in 2007. … Wow, ten years? Hard to believe. But, that’ll be a reflection I tackle in my blog at a later date.

I’ve finished two full-length novel manuscripts, started 2 others, and cranked out 4 short stories. And that’s just the writing bit. I’ve come so far in my day job career, learned so many new things. Plus, the year has rounded out with rebranding both of my short story saga’s. I’ll provide links to everything I’ve published to date, including the New Year’s preorder link to “Account of Secrets“, my 4th CHAOS ACCOUNTS story.

Looking toward 2018, I’m determined to be just as productive as I was in 2017, maybe more so. In addition to CHAOS ACCOUNTS #4 on New Year’s Day, KINETIC MEMORY is due out in a month or so (still working on last minute proof checking), CHAOS ACCOUNTS  #5 is slated to release in Spring/Summer 2018, and I’ve got a plan to hopefully have another book released in Summer/Fall 2018 as well, but depends on editing and cover delays. This book will take us back to where my publishing journey started. Hint: it’s a world that I’ve already written stories for. It’s also the namesake for this website. 😉

Now, here’s the covers and links to all of my writing that I’ve published. Some are free permanently, some free only until the New Year (on Smashwords only), and some that cost a little bit.

eBooks Only:



Cross of Faith (#1): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Trees In The Storm (#2): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Blood on a Broken Hand (#3): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Warped Destinies (#4): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]




Account of Anxiety (#1): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Account of Unrest (#2): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Account of Friendship (#3): [Amazon] / [Smashwords]
Account of Secrets (#4): [Amazon] / [Smashwords] (Preorder until January 1st, 2018)
Account of Risks (#5): COMING SPRING 2018!!


Both eBook and Print::

Terrara Vikos-related:

The Vikan Quartet (Tales of Terrara Vikos collection, stories #1-4): [Kindle] / [Amazon Print] / [Smashwords]

The Protektor’s Reality: [Kindle] / [Amazon Print] / [Smashwords]




**eBook only**: Kinetic Tragedy (a Kinetics prequel): [Instafreebie]
Kinetic Rebirth (#1): [Kindle] / [Amazon Print]
Kinetic Memory (#2): COMING JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018!!


Until 2018, Vikans. Have a Happy New Year, and see you on the other side!


Wild News Wednesday (2017-07-26)


To kick off this Weekly update, I want to remind y’all of my current giveaway. If you subscribe to my e-Newsletter list, whether via Instafreebie [here] (which gets you an eBook download of KINETIC TRAGEDY for FREE! It’s only available there) or my direct sign-up link [here] from now until August 31st 23:59 EST, and then contact me, either by FB [here], commenting here on this post (or on my previous post [here]), or PM my Twitter [here], then you’ll be put in for a drawing for a FREE, AUTOGRAPHED, ADVANCED COPY of KINETIC REBIRTH, that you should receive prior to its release date this October. For more details, see that blog post [here].

Next up, cover reveal!

I have picked August 19th as my big cover reveal day for KINETIC REBIRTH. At that time, I will also reveal the back page blurb/summary, and I have a little surprise in store that day as well, which has related news I cannot disclose until that reveal day. Mark your calendars, though. If you want to make sure you remember, I will be posting reveals and reminders all over social media, as well as to my email subscribers.

(BTW-All links are on my “Contact Me” page [here])

Final topic: my writing progress. I have submitted final files to Createspace, and they’ve been approved! Now, while I ride out the two-and-a-half month wait for the release date, I have been working on the sequel. I started it at the beginning of June this year, and, as of last night, I had reached just over 19,000 words on it. Title is TBD, but the story picks up soon after the ending of KINETIC REBIRTH. Also, this story is taking me back to the origins of me and JV’s friendship, with a roleplay about a town called Hyndon. It’s how JV and I first met and became fast friends. As she is not only one of the heroes in my KINETCS series, but I am incorporating as much of our friendship as one series can hold. Book 2 goes back to our roots as friends, and you’ll be in for a wild ride.

That’s all I can say about it right now, simply because 19k might seem impressive, but the acceptable minimum word count for a YA novel is 50,000. So, yeah, got a ways to go.

Also, on the grieving front, it’s been almost 6 months since JV left this world. It’s hard to believe. We were so close, almost like sisters. And then, in one freak accident, her beautiful life was cut short. I miss her like crazy, but she’s still here with me, with every she cares about. Want to know how I know? When I listen to music (which is every day for hours at a time), I have my entire library on shuffle. Driving home yesterday, my shuffle played this song (below), right as I was thinking about how much I missed her. She loved Peter Hollens just as much as I do, and this song always gives me chills. I know she played that song, to let me know she’s still there, still watching over me.

Keep Faith, guys. ❤

#WildNewsWed (2017-07-12)

Wow, Vikans. This last week has been a rollercoaster for me. Personal stuff, but we’re pushing on through.

I received my proof copy of KINETIC REBIRTH a little while ago, and currently going through it for one final edit sweep over. I am taking a red pen to it. A RED PEN. I AM WRITING IN A BOOK. THE HORROR!

Joking aside, I’m picking up on phrases that don’t flow that I didn’t realize before, even when reading aloud to Boyfriend. Marking up this copy is painful, but it’ll be worth it in the end to have a perfect book in my hands. Or, at least as perfect as I can make it. ^_^
So, yeah, I have a physical copy in my possession. It was so surreal opening that box and seeing the cover printed, to see my hard work with learning how to do layout on my own, to see the dedication in big, bolded letters; it made all the frustration worth it.

No, I am not changing the release date. The importance of releasing to the public on October 19th is the ultimate testament to my and JV’s friendship, as that day, in 2011, was the first time I met her, kickstarting a friendship I was extremely lucky to have. I will time it as close to day of as Createspace will let me. Still haven’t been able to analyze timing between hitting “Approve Proof” and listing appearing on Amazon.

KineticTragedycoverThat all being said, like my author page on Facebook [here], so you can see when I announce more news and status, etc, etc for KINETIC REBIRTH. This is the first book in a YA Fantasy series, and I have a prequel short story (called KINETIC TRAGEDY) that takes place a few years before the novel (KINETIC REBIRTH), that is currently on Instafreebie. Go grab that free ebook of KINETIC TRAGEDY [here] on Instafreebie, just to see if the ending intrigues you. Because, that short story… It’ll give you more questions than answers. This is probably the best way to determine if you might be interested in purchasing post-release. Also, when getting the short on Instafreebie, you get signed up for my e-newsletter, so that my emails can remind you closer to publication date. You can also directly sign up for my e-Newsletter [here] without downloading KINETIC TRAGEDY, but that seems like the less-worth-it option. I mean, FREE STORY. Doesn’t get better than that. 😉

Well, that’s about everything. I’m planning a cover and summary reveal in early/mid August. So, if you want to keep up to date, or get a heads start with KINETIC TRAGEDY, look into the links below, which are also scattered throughout this post::

KINETIC TRAGEDY on Instafreebie:

Facebook Author Page:

Newsletter Sign-Up Link:


Keep Faith, Vikans. ❤

Wild News Wednesday (2017-06-14)

So, here it begins: my regular Wild News Wednesday. I will be writing a blog post that will drop every Wednesday, updating all ya’ll on projects/WIP statuses, snippets of what I’m writing, advice on the writing/publishing process as I have experienced them, among other random and WILD things. I am also going to post my #TeaserTuesdays at the bottom of each post as well.

So, to catch all ya’ll up, my #secretproject public announcement was released a few weeks ago, and I am BEYOND excited! Now, instead of #secretproject, it is now #KineticRebirth. Because the title of this upcoming release is “KINETIC REBIRTH”. Self-explanatory, right? ANYWAY, you can see [this post] for my Public details on this project, which explains the motivation behind this series. I’m going to retell it here though too.

As most of you might already be aware, my best friend JV passed away at the end of January earlier this year. It’s hard to believe it’s been over four months since I last heard her voice. She had just been hanging with me at my house days before, and the sudden loss jarred me. My plans to exercise more, eat better, write harder, all died with her for a little while. However, my annual Smoky retreat was only weeks later, and I knew I had to get myself together so I could be productive during this once-a-year writing marathon. Originally, I was planning on working on the next several Chaos Accounts stories. Then, two days before I was due to leave, another idea hit me. JV meant so much to me, and beta read anything I’ve written since Fall of 2011, when I first met her via mutual friends and a forum-based roleplay. I even brainstormed with her on her drive home from work every weekday. I’d talked to her four/five days of the week, every week, for over a year before she passed, and before then it was Friday nights when she’d travel to her future husband’s place an hour away. She was my ultimate muse, and she deserved to live on. 


Through my writing, of course. It perfectly fits her. 

So, KINETIC REBIRTH, Kinetics Book #1, was what I worked on during Smoky. I cranked out 31,000 words during six days of Smoky, and another 30,000 within less than a month after the retreat. Every bit of this novel had a bit of JV, from planning, characters, and emotion. By planning I mean I planned only the first setting and main five characters. By characters I mean I took characters JV and I role-played with as fodder in this story. And by emotion, I mean I will give you all the feels, just like how I infuriated her in every scene where something bad or sad or torturous happens to the characters. Also, JV is one of the main heroes in this series. I wrote her to be accurate to who she was and who I came to know. Her personality, her sense of humor, her reactions and life: I wrote it as true to her in real life as I could.

I’ve set up a Tip Jar, as self-publishing can be extremely expensive. JV deserves the best, most professional, most amazing book I can produce. If you feel like you might want to help make this publication easier, click [here], even if it’s just a small amount, because every bit counts.

I’m aiming for an October 19th. 2017 release, with Preorders set up in mid-September. As such, I have to cram a lot of post-production in a small amount of time, and donations will go a long way!

Also, you can find my Patreon [here]. Patreon is a place for Patrons to donate on a monthly basis to content creators. There are reward tiers that include free, signed, physical copies of my debut novel (The Protektor’s Reality), as well as KINETIC REBIRTH, once it releases. Check it out if you want more perks than Tip Jar can give you!

I also just finished a short story prequel to KINETIC REBIRTH, which will be exclusive to my email subscribers. Should you want to read this story before I publically publish it, sign up for my newsletter [here].

So, recap:

  • First post for #WildNewsWed
  • Details on KINETIC REBIRTH
  • Tip Jar
  • Patreon
  • Sign-up for e-newsletter for KINETICS prequel story, hitting inboxes soon.

And now, my #TeaserTuesday from yesterday, from aforementioned short story::




Keep Faith, Vikans. 😀

Pre-Smoky Jitters

Greetings, Vikans!

So, Story #2 of The Chaos Accounts, titled “Account of Unrest”, released on February 16th (two Thursdays ago). Compared to its predecessor (“Account of Anxiety”), sales reactions responded weakly. “Account of Anxiety got 81 downloads in less than a month. My biggest download days were the first three days after release. With “Account of Unrest” having been out for over a week, I’ve only gottne three downloads.



However, I will NOT be deterred! In fact, I’ve come close to finishing up Story #3, and the only hint as to what happens that I’ll give at this time is that it’s from Luz’s POV.

Now, for the topic mentioned in the title: SMOKY!

Every year, a bunch of crazy, incredibly talented authors and their equally as amazing chefs, rent out a cabin in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for a week. During this week in the majestic mountains, writing is our full-time job. Eight hours a day with lunch in the middle, for seven days. We get a “Free” day to explore the surrounding arear too, but I usually just get another day of wordsmithing in.

So, why does my title use the word “jitters”? If this is Year 3 for me, why so nervous?

Well… for a few reasons…

  1. My anxiety has been manically wild for over a month now, so I’m jittery enough at home in day-to-day life.
  2. This retreat is my safe haven. A place where I’m among people who are accepting and caring (and crazy, but we already mentioned that). The jitters will come from being away from home for a week after all the previously mentioned anxiety that’s cropped up recently. I know my fellow Smokies will be there to hold me up, but I don’t like the idea of burdening my friends with my problems.
  3. WILL I BE PREPARED?! Last year, I cranked out 36,000 words in 5/6 days. With everything worrisome in my brain space, will I be able to focus enough to crank out even a fraction of last years total word count?

To wrap up this worry-fest, I’ve been counting the weeks until Smoky for months. Now, with only days until we arrive in our “Valhalla” of a cabin, I’m starting to feel nervous. But, while I may have worries, Smoky is my safe haven, and all the people in that cabin are my writing family. They’ll be there to help guide me through all of this.

I’m so grateful I have them to get me through this. 🙂

TWO DAYS! Smoky, here I come!


Revelation Through Tragedy

So, for those of you out there that follow my Facebook or watch my Youtube channel, you would already know what inspired this blog post.

“You never know what you got ’til it’s gone.” A phrase heard, but never understood until it happens in your life. My best friend, coauthor, partner-in-crime, beta reader, and best friend, JV, died this past Tuesday. When I got the news, I was hysterical. Screaming, shouting, sobbing, screeching. I think I’ve scarred the dogs for life. I am so grateful for all the prayers and support that have been emotionally sent her family’s way. I did a video a few days after this tragedy, which outlined a point I wanted everyone to know::

JV had an amazing husband, who brightened her life the second he entered it. The two were expecting their first child in August. JV was also planning to go back to school, something she hinted at during our daily phone calls but never outright told me. I talked to her almost every day. Weeknights, I’d receive a message, always the same thing: “Heading home now”. I haven’t received those in a few days, and it’s still hard to believe she’s gone.

However, I knew her well enough to know what she’d want to me do: continue with my life. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But, JV was a pure, unique soul, truly one that you might meet only once in a lifetime. She loved my writing, and has read almost everything I’ve written since Fall 2011. And, after only five and a half years of friendship, I feel like a part of me is missing. But, when things got sour in my life, she’d always tell me, “Keep pushing through, because everything WILL be fine. You WILL get through this.” Never “maybe”, never “hope”; always “WILL”. So, in her memory, I will continue doing what she’d want me to do: keep writing.

So, to honor of one of the brightest, most amazing individuals that has ever popped into my life, all of THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS stories will be dedicated to JV, with a unique dedication at the front of every story, because she deserves more than a copy/pasted dedication. I will be finishing our books eventually, and, even though she didn’t get to write for the last two books, all four we’ve planned with have her name accompanying mine on the covers. I’m still going to do my Youtube Channel, as a few other friends (Supporting me through this hard time, and being amazing by being there for me) have offered to pick up JV’s mantle on my vlogs.

And, in remembrance of her life, Story #2 in THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS, titled “Account of Unrest” will be released on her birthday, just twelve days from now. I am working with her best friend of 18 years, Ne, to develop ways we can keep JV’s memory alive. Because, though we can’t see her, we know she’s still with us, in our hearts, minds, and memories. And she’s a soul worth remembering.

Rest in Peace, Jess. I’ll miss you, girlie, and I promise I’ll make you proud. ❤

***ALSO: Keep in mind my #FearlessChaos campaign is still running for another 10 days. Downloads have dwindled off, but we’ve accumulated about $19.00 just in downloads. So, share this campaign with your friends and family please, and leave a review on Amazon if you’ve read it already, as reviews add to the charity pool as well. Also, I’ve just updated a newer version, that includes JV’s dedication.***

Affirmation #3: Perfection Depends

(#3 in an 11 part series of posts about change, perseverance, and being a better you. Though personal to help myself, I’m posting these here in hopes I can help others who are struggling and wanting to make a change)

***     ********


Ever heard that being you should try to be normal? Or, on the other side, that you’re special (In an attempt to console you, probably by a parent or guardian or other adult in your life)? That perfection is impossible?

Did you believe it?

There’s a little bit wrong in these statements, in my opinion. To me, people have been interpreting these sayings wrong for a long time now.

Normal? There is no such thing. Normal doesn’t exist, unless you’re talking about the taste of your salmon. If your fish doesn’t taste ‘normal’, call the waiter, because you will get sick if you eat anymore. However, when it comes to the state of human existence, normal isn’t just overrated; it’s nonexistent.

Think about it for a few seconds. Have you ever seen two people who act exactly the same? Have you even seen two people who were perfectly identical in every aspect of physical appearance? Even twins have some feature that differs from the other. But, that’s the excitement of life. No two people are alike, like snowflakes. That means every person you meet is unique, distinctive, special. In reality, being special is actually the normality of the human world. The one thing that stays static in life is its vast variety and unpredictability.

So, you might be asking, “What about that third one? If normal doesn’t exist, how do you know when perfection is or isn’t reached?”


A popular phrase will help to explain: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

So is perfection.

Perfect depends on the person. If you think perfection is a pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, that that’s perfect for you. However, someone looking on might hate mushrooms, so your pizza is less than perfect to them. But that shouldn’t matter. If that pizza is perfect for you, THAT’S all that matters: what YOU think.

Same can apply for things other than pizza. It could be books, games, clothes, even other people. You ever heard of people looking for the perfect guy/girl? I had been at one point. Back in 2011, before I even found my boyfriend, I wrote a note on Facebook. An A to Z list of things I’d learned since I’d been alive. “P” was perfect, as in perfect guy.

Here’s a sample of that short paragraph:

“The PERFECT guy isn’t going to come along just because you want him to. He will come into your life when you need him most.”

And, when he/she does, they should be perfect by YOUR standards, and not anybody else’s. Don’t judge them by their appearance though. I had crushes in school that laughed at me because I didn’t LOOK like their ideal soul mate. I was slightly overweight, pizza face, depressed, and not many people’s ideal ‘mate’. To me, the laughing or outright ignoring of me hurt. I mean, it’s not like I was flirting with them. I wanted to be friends first, and wouldn’t jeopardize that. But, they saw someone who liked them, and thought it was hilarious.

Crazy, right?

Despite all the ignorance, I finally found my perfect guy, by my standards. I’m attracted to him as a person. He’s a sweetheart, with a sharp wit and a gentle touch. I don’t hold him to the world’s idea of perfect, because, as mentioned above, PERFECTION is in the eye of the beholder.

So, recap:

  1. Normal does not exist.
  2. Everybody is unique, and that’s what makes the world an awesome place.
  3. Perfection Depends.

Any questions?


So, if you can’t tell by the title, I’m EXTREMELY hyper!! My paperback book was officially released on November 25th, with the eBook versions out five days later. This dream was ten years in the making, and when that book was in my hands, I started tearing up. I may not be as far as my final goal, but this is the first step toward it.

This book was one of my favorites writing. It is a prequel to a trilogy I had completed TheProtektorsReality_400x640_115dpibefore starting to write this one. My goal is to get that trilogy traditionally published, hopefully sometime in the near future. This whole saga – which includes 4 short stories, 1 novella, the prequel, and the trilogy – is a project I started about four years ago. In fact, two of the four total books in this saga were NaNoWriMo wins, one in the traditional November NaNo, and the other during Camp NaNoWriMo.

Those of you that have a dream, don’t stop reaching for it! Though you may lose faith along the way, if you continue to pursue your dreams, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Check out the tab for my works to find the synopsis and links for The Protektor’s Reality. I’d really appreciate any support I can get, including buying or reviewing! It is available as a print book on Amazon, Kindle eBook, and also on Smashwords in all eBook formats, online reading, and also PDF file.

And don’t think this means I’m done. My journey is just beginning.