[[[Last Updated 01/06/2020]]]

Glad Tidings, Vikans!

So I recently dove into the mysterious realm of Fiverr as a way to keep my creative brain agile and my logical brain focused for as long of periods as I can. My gigs are mainly creative/editing/brainstorming focused, because that’s the fun stuff, with 1 Gig geared toward IT/Excel. If you are a creative individual, continue on, as I list all my current Fiverr Gigs below. Since I’m starting out, I could use a good number of customers to both help me get noticed, as well as keep my ADHD under control and stop my life-long severe anxiety preoccupied enough to not torment me inside my mind constantly.

Problem is, now that Fiverr is so saturated, getting your first customers is mainly luck. You need to figure out what skills you have that people could need help with, then determine what to offer for each of the 3 package levels, strategize price points for them, decide how fast your turn around time would be for each level, figure out if you can offer additional add-ons, describe your Gig in a paragraph or two, form questions for your customer that encompasses everything you need to do the job (or at least get the order started), and then FINALLY let it loose to the public!

*sigh of relief*

Anyway, you must be here to look into my Fiverr Gigs. Hopefully that’s why you’re here. A girl can dream, right? But, let’s get right into this, as this is a refernce page and not a huge blog post. If you want to read up on my tips to starting your own Fiverr, head over to [this post].

Here we go – A Gig Breakdown [[As of 12/26/2019]]

Fiverr Seller Username: @angelslite

(1) – “Beta read your fantasy or scifi or ya fiction

Basic Package: $5
>>> Includes = Will read SF/F up to 20k words and will give opinions and reactions
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 5 days
Standard Package: $25
>>> Includes = Will read SF/F up to 50k and will give opinions, reactions, AND suggestions
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 10 Days
Premium Package: $50
>>> Includes = Will read SF/F up to 80k, give opinions and reactions, & with sparse Reader Report included
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 16 Days


(2) – “Form an inspired list of ideas for any creative medium

Basic Package: $5
>>> Includes = Simple details and ideas for your choice of creative medium
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 2 days
Standard Package: $10
>>> Includes = Up to 3 character profiles/Flesh out deeper ‘details’ and meanings/advice for long haul
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 4 Days
Premium Package: $20
>>> Includes = More detailed list/ideas/analysis/meaning/history/etc for any medium
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 7 Days


(3) – “Skillfully layout your ebook and print interior for books

Basic Package: $5
>>> Includes = I will create an eBook file from your Word Docs that can be used on most platforms + 1 optional revision
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 3 days
Standard Package: $10
>>> Includes = Same as Basic package, but I can insert hyperlinks into parts of the eBook that you choose + 1 optional revision
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 4 Days
Premium Package: $30
>>> Includes = I will create both an eBook layout, as well as a full interior for a print book as well
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 8 Days


(4) – “Create inspired short fiction stories based around a phrase or idea

Basic Package: $5
>>> Includes = A piece of short fiction between 100-2000 words based around a phrase you provide
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 43days
Standard Package: $10
>>> Includes = A piece of short fiction between 100-5000 based on a phrase AND character descriptions you provide
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 5 Days
Premium Package: $15
>>> Includes = Short fiction based on a phrase, character description, AND genre you provide. Word Count will vary
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 6 Days


(5) – “Craft an enticing back page blurb or synopsis for your story

Basic Package: $5
>>> Includes = Will write a small back page blurb fit to match your story
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 3 days
Standard Package: $15
>>> Includes = Synopsis from required chapter summaries and chat discussions with client
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 7 Days
Premium Package: $20
>>> Includes = Small back page blurb, as well as a create or polish a synopsis
>>> Turnaround Time = Approx 10 Days


Also, almost every Gig has 1+ Additional Extras to add to your order, should the options move you.


I’d love to help out fellow writers, creatives, and other OCD ‘Planner/Organizer’ types, which is a main reason I’m on Fiverr. Yeah, the extra cash is good, but I’ve always lived to make someone smile for a kindness or good job. Those smiles, even if I never physically see a smile, makes the work worth it in the end. 🙂

So, if the above compels you, please check my profile and Gigs out, and know that each and everyone one of you that orders something from me will have me thanking you over and over again in my head and in my heart.

Oh, and if we do work together, don’t forget to rate and review! Even if my work was sub-par. But I will do my absolute BEST to ensure you get good quality product. I pride myself on being both a thorough business woman (I have a Bachelors in Business from an accredited university) as well as a flexible and pleasant person to work with.

Hopefully I’ll hear from someone soon. Every order means the world to me!


– Chrissy / Angel