Revelation Through Tragedy

So, for those of you out there that follow my Facebook or watch my Youtube channel, you would already know what inspired this blog post.

“You never know what you got ’til it’s gone.” A phrase heard, but never understood until it happens in your life. My best friend, coauthor, partner-in-crime, beta reader, and best friend, JV, died this past Tuesday. When I got the news, I was hysterical. Screaming, shouting, sobbing, screeching. I think I’ve scarred the dogs for life. I am so grateful for all the prayers and support that have been emotionally sent her family’s way. I did a video a few days after this tragedy, which outlined a point I wanted everyone to know::

JV had an amazing husband, who brightened her life the second he entered it. The two were expecting their first child in August. JV was also planning to go back to school, something she hinted at during our daily phone calls but never outright told me. I talked to her almost every day. Weeknights, I’d receive a message, always the same thing: “Heading home now”. I haven’t received those in a few days, and it’s still hard to believe she’s gone.

However, I knew her well enough to know what she’d want to me do: continue with my life. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But, JV was a pure, unique soul, truly one that you might meet only once in a lifetime. She loved my writing, and has read almost everything I’ve written since Fall 2011. And, after only five and a half years of friendship, I feel like a part of me is missing. But, when things got sour in my life, she’d always tell me, “Keep pushing through, because everything WILL be fine. You WILL get through this.” Never “maybe”, never “hope”; always “WILL”. So, in her memory, I will continue doing what she’d want me to do: keep writing.

So, to honor of one of the brightest, most amazing individuals that has ever popped into my life, all of THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS stories will be dedicated to JV, with a unique dedication at the front of every story, because she deserves more than a copy/pasted dedication. I will be finishing our books eventually, and, even though she didn’t get to write for the last two books, all four we’ve planned with have her name accompanying mine on the covers. I’m still going to do my Youtube Channel, as a few other friends (Supporting me through this hard time, and being amazing by being there for me) have offered to pick up JV’s mantle on my vlogs.

And, in remembrance of her life, Story #2 in THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS, titled “Account of Unrest” will be released on her birthday, just twelve days from now. I am working with her best friend of 18 years, Ne, to develop ways we can keep JV’s memory alive. Because, though we can’t see her, we know she’s still with us, in our hearts, minds, and memories. And she’s a soul worth remembering.

Rest in Peace, Jess. I’ll miss you, girlie, and I promise I’ll make you proud. ❤

***ALSO: Keep in mind my #FearlessChaos campaign is still running for another 10 days. Downloads have dwindled off, but we’ve accumulated about $19.00 just in downloads. So, share this campaign with your friends and family please, and leave a review on Amazon if you’ve read it already, as reviews add to the charity pool as well. Also, I’ve just updated a newer version, that includes JV’s dedication.***

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