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Long Time, No… wait, AGAIN?! — Dec2020 Kindle Promos!!

Okay, okay, I know; it’s been a loooooooooong time since last posting, and I have LOTS of reasons. But, some of them have to wait until the New Year to reveal. I promise, they’re legit, I swear! Just bear with me!

So, to catch y’all up, my last blog post [here] was on January 19th, and before my scheduled release of KINETIC HISTORY, Book Three in my KINETICS saga. Well, as an update, that did release on time: January 31st, 2020 — exactly 3 years after JV’s accident.

If you don’t know who JV is, or why she’s mentioned in most of my blog posts since 2017, here’s 3 posts that can give you a brief idea of what happened to her, and what she meant to me, and still means to me::

[Revelation Through Tragedy]
[PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!! For #secretproject details!]
[FEED THE MACHINE: aka, The Concert That I Desperately Needed]


Since we are reaching the end of a Dumpster Fire 2020, and heading toward a (hopefully) better 2021, I’m doing some seasonal / holiday Amazon KDP Select promos on all 3 KINETICS Kindle books!!

> Starting 11/27/2020 (TODAY!!!) through 12/1/2020

KINETIC MEMORY (#2) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/15/2020 to 12/18/2020
> $1.99 from 12/18/2020 to 12/22/2020

KINETIC HISTORY (#3) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/23/2020 to 12/26/2020
> $1.99 from 12/26/2020 to 12/30/2020

So, here’s hoping for a BETTER 2021, for all of us!

But, as I said last year, and as they are known for saying often in my KINETICS universe, “Assume Nothing.

And “Keep Faith” as always, fellow Vikans!!

Chrissy out!

Winter Sales – Free eBooks and Discounts and Promos, OH MY!!

So, it is now December. The world swirls with holiday cheer, decorating, families coming together… And freezing cold weather. For some. Not mentioning any places *cough* Virginia *cough*

However, as the holidays draw near, I decided to do a quick 4 day Kindle promo for KINETIC REBIRTH on Amazon. Starting today through to midnight PST on 12/7, KINETIC REBIRTH, the first book in my KINETICS series, the Kindle version will be free to download!

Also note that if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber already, both the first AND second (KINETIC MEMORY) are enrolled in Kindle Select program, making them free to you guys as well.

Also, starting in early January, I will be temporarily discounting Books One and Two at different rates and promos. This is related to some upcoming news concerning this series, so the promos are a way to pump you all up!


Here’s the links to the Amazon pages as of 12/3/2019::




By the time this post drops, that link for KINETIC REBIRTH should have been updated on Amazon to be free through to Saturday!

Also trying to figure out timing for a discount promo for Book Two [KINETIC MEMORY], so that might happen soon.

If you want to get ahead of the crowd, you can buy them now, or, if preferred, buy them during some of the upcoming promos.

Also keep an eye on this blog in the coming days. I’ve got a big announcement once all my ducks are in a row, and it’s something I hope you all might be excited about. I know I’m so excited I might explode with happiness!

2020 looks like it’s gonna be a great year, my friends!

So, until later, Vikans. Keep Faith.

– C