Wild News Wednesday (2017-06-14)

So, here it begins: my regular Wild News Wednesday. I will be writing a blog post that will drop every Wednesday, updating all ya’ll on projects/WIP statuses, snippets of what I’m writing, advice on the writing/publishing process as I have experienced them, among other random and WILD things. I am also going to post my #TeaserTuesdays at the bottom of each post as well.

So, to catch all ya’ll up, my #secretproject public announcement was released a few weeks ago, and I am BEYOND excited! Now, instead of #secretproject, it is now #KineticRebirth. Because the title of this upcoming release is “KINETIC REBIRTH”. Self-explanatory, right? ANYWAY, you can see [this post] for my Public details on this project, which explains the motivation behind this series. I’m going to retell it here though too.

As most of you might already be aware, my best friend JV passed away at the end of January earlier this year. It’s hard to believe it’s been over four months since I last heard her voice. She had just been hanging with me at my house days before, and the sudden loss jarred me. My plans to exercise more, eat better, write harder, all died with her for a little while. However, my annual Smoky retreat was only weeks later, and I knew I had to get myself together so I could be productive during this once-a-year writing marathon. Originally, I was planning on working on the next several Chaos Accounts stories. Then, two days before I was due to leave, another idea hit me. JV meant so much to me, and beta read anything I’ve written since Fall of 2011, when I first met her via mutual friends and a forum-based roleplay. I even brainstormed with her on her drive home from work every weekday. I’d talked to her four/five days of the week, every week, for over a year before she passed, and before then it was Friday nights when she’d travel to her future husband’s place an hour away. She was my ultimate muse, and she deserved to live on. 


Through my writing, of course. It perfectly fits her. 

So, KINETIC REBIRTH, Kinetics Book #1, was what I worked on during Smoky. I cranked out 31,000 words during six days of Smoky, and another 30,000 within less than a month after the retreat. Every bit of this novel had a bit of JV, from planning, characters, and emotion. By planning I mean I planned only the first setting and main five characters. By characters I mean I took characters JV and I role-played with as fodder in this story. And by emotion, I mean I will give you all the feels, just like how I infuriated her in every scene where something bad or sad or torturous happens to the characters. Also, JV is one of the main heroes in this series. I wrote her to be accurate to who she was and who I came to know. Her personality, her sense of humor, her reactions and life: I wrote it as true to her in real life as I could.

I’ve set up a Tip Jar, as self-publishing can be extremely expensive. JV deserves the best, most professional, most amazing book I can produce. If you feel like you might want to help make this publication easier, click [here], even if it’s just a small amount, because every bit counts.

I’m aiming for an October 19th. 2017 release, with Preorders set up in mid-September. As such, I have to cram a lot of post-production in a small amount of time, and donations will go a long way!

Also, you can find my Patreon [here]. Patreon is a place for Patrons to donate on a monthly basis to content creators. There are reward tiers that include free, signed, physical copies of my debut novel (The Protektor’s Reality), as well as KINETIC REBIRTH, once it releases. Check it out if you want more perks than Tip Jar can give you!

I also just finished a short story prequel to KINETIC REBIRTH, which will be exclusive to my email subscribers. Should you want to read this story before I publically publish it, sign up for my newsletter [here].

So, recap:

  • First post for #WildNewsWed
  • Details on KINETIC REBIRTH
  • Tip Jar
  • Patreon
  • Sign-up for e-newsletter for KINETICS prequel story, hitting inboxes soon.

And now, my #TeaserTuesday from yesterday, from aforementioned short story::




Keep Faith, Vikans. 😀

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