Affirmation #3: Perfection Depends

(#3 in an 11 part series of posts about change, perseverance, and being a better you. Though personal to help myself, I’m posting these here in hopes I can help others who are struggling and wanting to make a change)

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Ever heard that being you should try to be normal? Or, on the other side, that you’re special (In an attempt to console you, probably by a parent or guardian or other adult in your life)? That perfection is impossible?

Did you believe it?

There’s a little bit wrong in these statements, in my opinion. To me, people have been interpreting these sayings wrong for a long time now.

Normal? There is no such thing. Normal doesn’t exist, unless you’re talking about the taste of your salmon. If your fish doesn’t taste ‘normal’, call the waiter, because you will get sick if you eat anymore. However, when it comes to the state of human existence, normal isn’t just overrated; it’s nonexistent.

Think about it for a few seconds. Have you ever seen two people who act exactly the same? Have you even seen two people who were perfectly identical in every aspect of physical appearance? Even twins have some feature that differs from the other. But, that’s the excitement of life. No two people are alike, like snowflakes. That means every person you meet is unique, distinctive, special. In reality, being special is actually the normality of the human world. The one thing that stays static in life is its vast variety and unpredictability.

So, you might be asking, “What about that third one? If normal doesn’t exist, how do you know when perfection is or isn’t reached?”


A popular phrase will help to explain: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

So is perfection.

Perfect depends on the person. If you think perfection is a pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms, that that’s perfect for you. However, someone looking on might hate mushrooms, so your pizza is less than perfect to them. But that shouldn’t matter. If that pizza is perfect for you, THAT’S all that matters: what YOU think.

Same can apply for things other than pizza. It could be books, games, clothes, even other people. You ever heard of people looking for the perfect guy/girl? I had been at one point. Back in 2011, before I even found my boyfriend, I wrote a note on Facebook. An A to Z list of things I’d learned since I’d been alive. “P” was perfect, as in perfect guy.

Here’s a sample of that short paragraph:

“The PERFECT guy isn’t going to come along just because you want him to. He will come into your life when you need him most.”

And, when he/she does, they should be perfect by YOUR standards, and not anybody else’s. Don’t judge them by their appearance though. I had crushes in school that laughed at me because I didn’t LOOK like their ideal soul mate. I was slightly overweight, pizza face, depressed, and not many people’s ideal ‘mate’. To me, the laughing or outright ignoring of me hurt. I mean, it’s not like I was flirting with them. I wanted to be friends first, and wouldn’t jeopardize that. But, they saw someone who liked them, and thought it was hilarious.

Crazy, right?

Despite all the ignorance, I finally found my perfect guy, by my standards. I’m attracted to him as a person. He’s a sweetheart, with a sharp wit and a gentle touch. I don’t hold him to the world’s idea of perfect, because, as mentioned above, PERFECTION is in the eye of the beholder.

So, recap:

  1. Normal does not exist.
  2. Everybody is unique, and that’s what makes the world an awesome place.
  3. Perfection Depends.

Any questions?

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