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This is a directory of my blog posts, sorted by the category/topic they are about. Feel free to peruse my “vast” library of slightly crooked internet goodness, or click on some of the glorious tabs above to learn more about me.



#1- The Happiness Factor
#1.5- Here For A Reason
#2- The Internal Conflict
#2.5- To Pace or Not To Pace
#3- Perfection Depends


Fighting Back- What Relay for Life 2014 Taught Me
Lessons For the Panicked Ones
Guess Who’s Back?
Confidence for the dieters
Revelation Through Tragedy (Feb 2017)
FEED THE MACHINE: aka, The Concert That I Desperately Needed (July 2017)
Communication Confession (July 2017)
CALLING ALL BOOKWORMS! Productivity Poll 2020 (Nov 2019)


Dear Diary (NEED TO MOVE)

Dear Diary: The Struggles of a College Student
Nearer and Nearer…


Critiques Aren’t Meant To Cause Pain
The Waiting Game
Social Media From a Dummy
Re-editing the Past
The Waiting Game: Take Two


Other Writing Related Clickables

Piracy: The Obvious Facts
WB vs. L.O.I.: Post-Writeathon Blues
A Special Treat for Everyone Everywhere


#secretprojects / Updates

EXCITING NEWS: #Secretproject WIP (Apr 2017)
Updates and Projects and Conventions, Oh My! (Apr 2017)
Updates for some and for all (May 2017)
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!! For #secretproject details! (May 2017)
Two-Weeks-until-Release Update — #WildNewsWed (2017-09-06) (Sept 2017)
#WildNewsWed // SIX DAYS AND COUNTING! (Sept 2017)
Been a While, Vikans (Nov 2017)
Upcoming Release! KINETIC HISTORY (Book #3) (Jan 2020)
Leading Up to Release Day!! (Jan 2020)

Releases, Reveals & Stories

My Dream Come True

RELEASE DAY!! The Chaos Accounts #1 (Jan 2017)
The Aftermath: Keeping My Promise (2017)
#FearlessChaos completion and NEW RELEASE!!! (2017)
Wild News Wed – T-Minus 3 days until COVER REVEAL WITH A SURPRISE! (Aug 2017)
KINETIC REBIRTH Cover Reveal!!! (Aug 2017)
THE DAY HAS COME! // “Kinetic Rebirth” Release Day (Sept 2017)
PRINT NOW AVAILABLE!! // Kinetic Rebirth Release (Oct 2017)
COVER REVEAL: Kinetic Memory (Dec 2017)
New Release and FREE short story links (Jan 2018)

Summary Sundays / #Productivity

2019/Dec – Week 49
2019/Dec – Week 50
2019/Dec – Week 51




Writing Conferences / Retreats

AWESOME! – That Time In The Mountains
Ten Years of Family: Ravencon 2015 (2015)
Catching Up // Before Ravencon 2016 (2016)
Mental Preparation (2016)
Pre-Smoky Jitters (2017)
Post-Smoky Blues and Highs (2017)
To Ravencon, and BEYOND! (Apr 2017)
Post-Smoky and Reality Revelations (Mar 2018)

The Business of an Indie Author

Who Wants to Be My Patron?
Patreon, Take 2 (and other summaries)
PRINT BOOK DONE GET BUMPED! (a late #WildNewsWed update) (Sept 2017)

Past/Present/Future Promos

Free and For a Cause (Jan 2017) [PAST]
TWO WEEKS LEFT for #FearlessChaos! (Jan 2017) [PAST]
Promos, Updates, and releases, OH MY!! (Jul 2018) [PAST]
Winter Sales – Free eBooks and Discounts and Promos, OH MY!! (Dec 2019) [PAST]
Long Time, No… wait, AGAIN?! — Dec2020 Kindle Promos!! (Dec 2020) [ACTIVE!!!]

My New Year Reflections

-Insert Obligatory New Year Post Here- (2014)
New Years – A Reflection on Life
Looking To the Future: 2016 to 2017 (Dec 2016)
New Year’s 2018 – Looking to the Year ahead (Dec 2017)
Wow, New Year already? (Jan 2019)
Reflections: New Year, Here I Come! (Jan 2020)
[[[New Years Post – 2021]]] (Dec 2020 / Jan 2021) [[COMING SOON]]


PARTY! PARTY!- The Aftereffects of a Night with Creatives
New Starts
Optimistic Heart
Journey of Legends: The 2015 MoPO Kickstarts
Wild New Wed (2017-08-30) – Coping and Updates (Aug 2017)
Lightning Strikes! (Nov 2017)
Oops, forgot I had this thing… (June 2019)