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KINETICS series:


KINETIC TRAGEDY (a KINETICS prequel) (eBook only)

“Raiden Theron knew his life was a ticking time bomb. When news hits related to his personal life, that clock jumps forward. When he breaks down, who’s to say his demon will leave those he loves alone?”

Available only to newsletter subscribers through Instafreebie. Get your copy [here].



The Chaos Accounts short story saga (ebooks):





Tales of Terrara Vikos short story prequels (ebooks):


Cross Of Faith final2


Trees In The Storm copy


Blood on a Broken Hand final2


Warped Destinies



The Protektor’s Reality: A ToTV Prequel

Lucian Gallager carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not only is he the future leader of the Realm, but also the next great Protektor. While his part is to aid in the defeat of the Seeker – the biggest evil in Terrara Vikan history – the odds are not in his favor. The old Seeker’s spirit, a demon by the name of Miles Bianchi, has been tormenting his family for years, and now, Miles has even claimed Lucian’s younger brother as his servant.

With a bright future as his father’s successor as Head Doctor of the Realm, Barlow James Kalen’s world is shaken when the Seeker throws him into the middle of the struggle for control. The Seeker wants to make a deal, and it may be too tempting for Barlow to turn down.

Both men’s lives have been founded on Gallager creed: Keep faith. But as their determination is tested time and time again, each must decide for himself…

How far will they go to protect the ones they love?


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Smashwords (ebook)

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