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KINETICS series:


KINETIC TRAGEDY (a KINETICS prequel) (eBook only)

“Raiden Theron knew his life was a ticking time bomb. When news hits related to his personal life, that clock jumps forward. When he breaks down, who’s to say his demon will leave those he loves alone?”

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“Jaden Walker has her future figured out. Seeing people who aren’t actually there is troubling, but she can handle that. That is, until she meets Kiran and Jessica Theron. The twins reveal three very important details: they have supernatural abilities, Jaden’s hallucinations are actually real dead people, and they want to take her home to her real parents. The twins rip Jaden from her peaceful, college student life into a world of magic and the unexplainable. But Jaden doesn’t just see the dead–she can communicate and interact with them. And someone else is hunting her for those abilities. For Jaden, this rollercoaster of a fantasy story should have remained in its book. Because, now that she’s living it, she’s finding it harder and harder to believe that anybody will tell her the truth. Even her closest friend.”

[Kindle Preorders – Released September 19th, 2017]
[Print version – Released October 4th, 2017]


The Past is a complicated place…

After bringing Kiran and Jessi back from the dead, Jaden assumed things would get better for her. Even with worries lingering on the horizon, her immediate frustration was dealing with the twins’ deceased father and his arrogant demon who developed a strange fascination with her.
When their friend and companion Shalbriri falls ill, the annoying demon has a plan that might just save the Fifth Kingdom heir’s life. However, it requires returning to the twins’ birthplace, a town outside of the Five Kingdoms. With her sister-mother Dove in tow, Jaden, Lukas, and the twins all venture to the run-down village of Hyndon. The longer they stick around, the more Jaden realizes there’s more to the place than meets the eye, and those shadows offer no comfort.

The answers they seek lead them to the most unexpected place. There is truth hidden in their parents’ past… but it all leads to a man she wishes was merely an ancient myth.

[Kindle Version – Released January 18th, 2018]
[Print version – Released January 19th, 2018]


Friendships can be complicated…
A month after the Hyndon excursion, Jaden is still rattled at meeting the infamous Faust, once a myth, now a horrible reality.
When Jessi gets kidnapped by the demonic soldier, it’s up to her and Kiran to rescue her. Faust’s clues lead them to new information, self-realizations, and reunions with old friends.
However, playing his game can’t be their only option, if they want Jessi back in one piece. When the answer for turning the tables lands in her lap, Jaden doesn’t have faith that she can do it. But, she doesn’t want Faust to get under her skin either.
Faust wants to play a game?
Then he better be prepared to lose.

[Kindle Version – Released January 31th, 2020]
[Print version – Released January 31th, 2020]

KINETICS, BOOK FOUR – Coming 2021!!
[Well… hopefully]

The Chaos Accounts short story saga (ebooks):








Tales of Terrara Vikos short story prequels (ebooks):





The Protektor’s Reality: A Tales of Terrara Vikos Prequel

Lucian Gallager carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Not only is he the future leader of the Realm, but also the next great Protektor. While his part is to aid in the defeat of the Seeker – the biggest evil in Terrara Vikan history – the odds are not in his favor. The old Seeker’s spirit, a demon by the name of Miles Bianchi, has been tormenting his family for years, and now, Miles has even claimed Lucian’s younger brother as his servant.

With a bright future as his father’s successor as Head Doctor of the Realm, Barlow James Kalen’s world is shaken when the Seeker throws him into the middle of the struggle for control. The Seeker wants to make a deal, and it may be too tempting for Barlow to turn down.

Both men’s lives have been founded on Gallager creed: Keep faith. But as their determination is tested time and time again, each must decide for himself…

How far will they go to protect the ones they love?


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