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Who wants to get a Free Early Copy of my next Book? (Join my ARC Street Team!)

So, I do have another blog post I’ve been waiting to write, as it explains at least part of the radio silence from me the last few months. CliffNotes version to tide y’all over until that topic-focused blog post, I had to be induced into labor at the beginning of April and welcome my baby into this world 6 weeks earlier than planned. We’re all okay (Me, Daddy, and Baby) and our little Bunny Bear is surprising us every single day!

But, that story is for another blog post.

This post is about my next release, as it’s been a minute since my last one.

This is the cover to “HEART OF A TRAITOR”, Book #1 in my new NA Urban Fantasy series, “The Oroni Zodiac”.


“The Rebellion’s just getting started…

Hiding in a non-magical country for over a decade has only continued to remind Phoenix how freakish she is. Her double whammy of having to deal with two voices constantly arguing or commentating from inside her skull branded her as a half-breed: a seemingly impossible combination of magic user.

In all existence.

When a friendly meal with her diplomat father leads to a kidnapping of her and her best friend, the two of them are suddenly yanked right in the midst of a war between the government of her magic-filled birthplace and its Rebellion. They meet Commander Roark, an old friend of Phoenix’s father, but a man presumed dead for years. Along the way to get back home, Phoenix starts to realize that the adults in her life had been hiding more things than they cared to tell. As she learns that half-breeds like her can master both magic type’s skill sets, she’ll have to keep reminding herself to tread carefully around Roark.

Because he’s just like her.

And Lord only knows how much he could do.

As this book is a new series (though I finished Books #1 and #2 a LOOOOOONG time ago), I want to step up my Author game, as it were. So, I’m starting by building up an ARC Street Team! For those unfamiliar with that abbreviation, it means “Advanced Reader Copy”. ARC copies are free to the interested ARC Readers, and sent a few weeks to a few months prior to expected release of the book to the general public, with those readers leaving a review for the book after its actually released. If you sign up to receive an ARC book, this is the breakdown:

(1) Sign up to receive an ARC copy of a book or story (these are ALWAYS FREE!!)

(2) Read the book/story.

(3) Go onto the Amazon and/or GoodReads page for that book once book actually releases

(4) Leave a review on those pages to help the author get more visibility and to be a good person and follow through.

So, if you might be interested in receiving an ARC copy of HEART OF A TRAITOR, go to [this] form, fill it out, submit, and I will email a digital copy to you and all ARC readers once everything is prepared and polished for your perusal. There is also a question on that [form] where you can pick if you:

(a) … Just want to read and review this book in particular without wanting to be contacted for any future books from me (from any series I publish in the future of my career)

(b) … Want to read and review this book and potentially ANY future books from me (from any series I publish during my future career)

(c) … Know you want to read and review this one, but are unsure if you want to be committed to my Street Team at this time (meaning I can email you for future books to gauge if you are interested in a future book and/or interested in joining the Street team in the future as well)

This way, you can decide what path of ARC Reading you’d like to join with me while I progress on my author and publishing journey.

[Here’s the link one more time!!]

Hopefully, many of you might be interested in this venture! Once I send the ARC copies via email, it’d would be nice if you all could have read the book by release date (hasn’t been firmed up yet, but will mention when I email the digital ARC copies to all who fill out the form and are interested), but finishing before then is not necessary, as long as you still leave a review once you are done! I will also temporarily turn off this form to the public in a few weeks to prep distribution of this particular book’s ARC Team, but will reopen it for a general ARC Street Team for any and all of my future works / releases!

Welp, that’s about it! Hope to see a bunch of responses on that [form] soon!

Thanks everyone, in advance!

Remember to always “Keep Faith” and “Assume Nothing”,


Long Time, No… wait, AGAIN?! — Dec2020 Kindle Promos!!

Okay, okay, I know; it’s been a loooooooooong time since last posting, and I have LOTS of reasons. But, some of them have to wait until the New Year to reveal. I promise, they’re legit, I swear! Just bear with me!

So, to catch y’all up, my last blog post [here] was on January 19th, and before my scheduled release of KINETIC HISTORY, Book Three in my KINETICS saga. Well, as an update, that did release on time: January 31st, 2020 — exactly 3 years after JV’s accident.

If you don’t know who JV is, or why she’s mentioned in most of my blog posts since 2017, here’s 3 posts that can give you a brief idea of what happened to her, and what she meant to me, and still means to me::

[Revelation Through Tragedy]
[PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!! For #secretproject details!]
[FEED THE MACHINE: aka, The Concert That I Desperately Needed]


Since we are reaching the end of a Dumpster Fire 2020, and heading toward a (hopefully) better 2021, I’m doing some seasonal / holiday Amazon KDP Select promos on all 3 KINETICS Kindle books!!

> Starting 11/27/2020 (TODAY!!!) through 12/1/2020

KINETIC MEMORY (#2) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/15/2020 to 12/18/2020
> $1.99 from 12/18/2020 to 12/22/2020

KINETIC HISTORY (#3) – Countdown Deal
> 0.99c from 12/23/2020 to 12/26/2020
> $1.99 from 12/26/2020 to 12/30/2020

So, here’s hoping for a BETTER 2021, for all of us!

But, as I said last year, and as they are known for saying often in my KINETICS universe, “Assume Nothing.

And “Keep Faith” as always, fellow Vikans!!

Chrissy out!